Friday, August 9, 2019

Spinning to Knit!

Since I have gotten back to spinning, I have noticed that my handspun looks a lot nicer once I knit something with it! Since knitting is my first love, that makes both hobbies more fun. Here is my most recent finished spinning project, Malabrigo Nube Piedras, knitted into a buttoned neckwarmer:

Although I was satisfied with the handspun before it was knitted into the neckwarmer, you can see it wasn't the prettiest skein of yarn I could have hoped for since I still have a lot to learn about spinning yarn:

My advice to anyone else trying out spinning as a new hobby would be to knit a swatch of your handspun to test it out and see if you like the knitted fabric after blocking. Don't judge it too harshly in the skein or even right after knitting the swatch. It seems to me that blocking does wonders.

Not only do I soak all of my handspun after plying in a Eucalan bath, but I also make sure to soak the knitted swatch or item in a Eucalan before blocking. These extra steps are well worth it to get a finished look in the knitted garment that you will like a lot.

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  1. I love how this cowl turned out - I've just started spinning and found your blog. I really appreciate the tip about soaking and blocking as it might save my dreadful tension and lumpiness.