Sunday, March 23, 2014

Putting the Finishing Touches on My Granny Stripe Blanket

Thanks to Lucy at Attic24, I have gotten back into crochet after many years where I only crocheted infrequently when needing to make a baby afghan. Crochet was my first fiber passion, and I am having so much fun bringing it back into my regular nightly fiber fun. I enjoy having several fiber crafts from which to choose (knitting, spinning, and crochet right now but weaving on a rigid heddle loom keeps calling my name). 

After a couple of months of work on my Granny Stripe Blanket, I am beginning to see the end of the road for it. It has been a very enjoyable process since the stitching is very simple and meditative, yet the color changes have provided a lot of excitement.  Here it is with all but the edging to complete:

I have begun the edging following Lucy's instructions to complete a 3 dc cluster in each space along the edge using the purple yarn in the photo above. I then plan to continue to follow her instructions using the green, the pink, and then finishing with the blue at the outer edge. I might throw in one more color between the green and the pink if I think I need it. 

Right now I am having to deal with all of the ends that changing colors so frequently produces. This was the part I have always dreaded about color changing in crochet and knitting. However, I am finding that if I just buckle down and bite the bullet, it isn't too bad. The pictures below show the edging and the way that I first crochet over the two ends left for each color change row. You can see in the second photo that even after I crochet over them, there are still ends that I need to weave in a bit more with a tapestry needle since crocheting over them with only three dc doesn't seem secure enough to me. I would rather take the time to secure them now than regret it later if the blanket begins to unravel.

The 3 dc edging on the first round

I am so happy with every aspect of this project so far. It has been a joy to crochet and the Vanna's Choice yarn was nice to work with for this project. As you probably know from reading this blog, I am primarily a wool kind of gal. I love everything about wool from spinning it to knitting with it. However, for crochet, I have always found acrylic to work just fine. It is more cost effective when making a large afghan, it is easier to wash and dry, and a wide range of colors is usually easy to find. 

Has anyone made the switch from acrylic to wool in his or her crocheting? If so, could you add your reasons in the comment section below. I would love to hear about the differences you have found in using wool for crochet if you have decided you like it better. I just may try it soon as long as I can do so without completely blowing the budget! I think I see a crocheted shawl or scarf made in wool in my future.


  1. I'm a huge fan of Vanna's Choice yarn! I'm currently using it for my rug project. It feels soft and stable which I think will make for a good living room rug.

    1. Samantha,

      My grandmother used to always talk about how she crocheted her rugs when she was first married. Are you crocheting yours? Do you follow a pattern or make them up as you go along. I have seen some on Ravelry and really like the idea of making one some day. Good luck with yours and let me know if you post pictures of it somewhere so I can see it. :)

  2. Your afghan is lovely - and isn't it exciting when you are so close to finishing!? I finished a similar afghan many years ago except that I carried the thread ends under more than just one cluster. Can't remember now if it was three clusters (or more?) but the afghan has been well loved for many years and I've yet to see any escaping ends. (acrylic, by the way. Who can afford a wool afghan?)

    1. Thank you so much your kind compliment. I am glad to hear that your ends didn't escape when you carried them under more than one cluster. I will have to try that next time. I finished weaving them all in yesterday, but it took me over three hours! I am working on the edging now. I hope to have a picture of the finished object later this week.

      I would love to see a picture of your afghan some time if you have it posted somewhere. I am on Ravelry as suzknittyspinner if you are on there, too.